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Announcing the 31-Day Bible and Breakfast Challenge

Starting October 1, we’ll read the Bible every day while eating breakfast so we can feed our bodies and our souls together. My prayer for us this next month is that we would develop a hunger for God that far surpasses our hunger for pancakes and smoothies, and that we would taste and see that the Lord is good even while sitting at our breakfast tables (Psalm 34:8).

Be still Psalm 46 10

28+ Bible Verses about Stillness and Rest in God’s Presence

Our lives today are so fast-paced that we battle continual exhaustion, not from the physical labor our great-grandmothers endured but the mental gymnastics we perform to try to keep up with the never-ending demands. We’re constantly stimulated by social media, advertising, school programs, church events, and our own inner clamor. This frantic pace is exhausting! Even our “Quiet Time” is …