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Announcing the 31-Day Bible and Breakfast Challenge

There was once a Chinese pastor who said, “No Bible, no breakfast.” 

He committed that he wouldn’t eat breakfast until he had first read the Word of God, and his rumbling stomach reminded him to seek Scripture before seeking sustenance. (True story!)

As a young teenager, I was truly inspired by his example. But then I got married, and had babies, and the luxury of morning quiet hours alone with Jesus disappeared. So I wondered, instead of skipping breakfast, what if we tried to weave together our Bible and breakfast time instead?

Thus, the Bible and Breakfast Challenge was born in 2016, and over a thousand women from around the world started reading their Bibles while eating breakfast. 

This year, we’re bringing it back! And I want to invite YOU to join us for the 31 Day Bible & Breakfast Challenge.

Starting October 1, we’ll read the Bible every day while eating breakfast so we can feed our bodies and our souls together.

It’s simple:

31 days.

31 Bible verses.

31 breakfasts.

= A Full Life with Jesus

My prayer for us this next month is that we would develop a hunger for God that far surpasses our hunger for pancakes and smoothies, and that we would taste and see that the Lord is good even while sitting at our breakfast tables (Psalm 34:8).

And you don’t have to rearrange your life for the Bible & Breakfast Challenge, either. I’ve designed it to fit right into our busy lives, because Jesus wants to meet us in our mess. (Read the FAQ’s here.) 

Sure, an Instagram-perfect picture of our Bible with a cup of coffee would be nice, but most days will find us opening our Bibles next to a cold breakfast, half-finished homework, unpaid bills, and something sticky we have yet to investigate. Don’t shrink back, friend! Come to Jesus as you are; He welcomes you with open arms.

Join the 31-Day Bible and Breakfast Challenge

I want to make this super-easy for you: When you sign up to join the 31 Day Bible & Breakfast Challenge, I’ll send you: 

  • A 31-day Bible reading plan
  • My favorite morning worship playlist
  • Custom inspirational lockscreens
  • And a lot more!

No more waiting for the perfect time and place. Today is the day to begin a lifelong habit of meeting God at our breakfast tables and allowing Him to feed us from the Bread of Life. Will you join us?

Click here to join the 31 Day Bible & Breakfast Challenge today!