The Best Stay-At-Home Date Idea

Are you looking for meaningful ways to connect with your spouse that won’t break the bank?

The truth is, my husband and I are not big date-rs. Since Flaviu and I grew up together, we’ve spent more time in libraries than restaurants and we’ve never been big fans of the typical dinner and a movie. So we’ve gotten pretty creative with our stay-at-home date ideas over the years. But this one has quickly become our favorite. 

An Answer to Prayer

When I was young, I prayed that my future husband would be a good massager.

Yep. True story. (So selfish, I know!)

Flaviu has always been more than willing to serve me by rubbing my tired muscles, but we both felt like we could use some formal instruction. Going to a couples’ massage class though? That sounded, well, awkward.

So when we heard about Melt: Massage for Couples, we decided to give it a try. And honestly? We were really impressed.

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The Best Stay-at-Home Date Idea

Here’s what we like about Melt:

Elegant and high-quality videos

I don’t have time to mess around with amateur YouTube videos of dubious quality and morals. The husband-and-wife team that created this video are classy and professional. Denis, the husband, guides viewers through every step, explaining each movement and showing the move from different angles.

Also, the setting of the videos sets the mood so they’re not intrusive as you practice on your spouse.

Step-by-step guidance

From how to properly rub in massage oil to how to find a comfortable position, Denis walked us through the prep work so our massage night was hassle-free.

Plus, I always wonder “Am I doing this right? Something just doesn’t feel right.” So having instruction from a certified masseur makes me feel more confident in my abilities to ease the tension of Flaviu’s day.

3 levels to choose from

Honestly, Flaviu and I were both tired when we started the first course in the series. Excited, yes, but bone-tired. So it was nice to see immediate results from a really short session. There are 3 series of varrying lengths and intensity to choose from: 5-minute back rub, 15-minute massage, and 30-minute deep-tissue massage.

The techniques are cumulative, so as you learn the basic techniques, you’re building up a repetoir to use for the more advanced massages. Practically speaking, this means that if we each take turns, we have enough material to keep us busy not just for two months but till our hair turns gray!

Zero nudity or awkwardness

You know this is a big deal for me. I want to protect the purity and holiness of our marriage, and I don’t want another person’s nude body in our bedroom, thank you very much. Emma is fully clothed the whole time (in a strapless shirt) and keeps things very neutral when they could easily stray to sensual.

Also, Denis speaks openly and earnestly about his desire that couples’ massage dates lead to “a little somethin-somethin” to strengthen marriages, but he keeps the videos PG-rated. MUCH appreciated.


Affordable and a good investment

Lots of couples spend $50 on one date alone (baby sitter, dinner, drinks, movie, gas money), and special dates, like Valentine’s Day, can run even higher, so some people can easily swing the purchase price.

Flaviu and I tend to be frugal spenders, so $99 isn’t something we take lightly. When we decided to get the course, we agreed to fund it with our date night money for February and March (that’s a lot of BOGO ice cream outings and dollar movies). Even on a tighter budget, we would have found a way to make it work.

Also, a 60-minute Swedish massage runs about $75, so just adding up the savings over the years is a clear win. And considering that this course would give us life skills, $99 is a pretty good investment in the long run. Next time I can't leave the house for date night, I'm definitely doing this with my husband!

Learn in the intimacy of your home

While Denis and Emma offer in-person group classes, that’s definitely not something Flaviu and I would go for. We prefer to learn in a safe environment where we don’t feel self-conscious.

Plus, there’s the added bonus that if the massage does lead to a little somethin-somethin, well, you’re in the privacy of your own bedroom. …Just saying. *wink*

Is Melt for You?

I rarely review products or services on One Thing Alone, because I value your trust and I don’t want to waste your time on mediocre offers.

When I saw Melt, though, I immediately wanted to get it and test it because, honestly, I think this could potentially improve thousands of marriages. What a wonderful way to serve our spouses by rubbing away the aches and pains in their bodies and bringing a healing touch with our hands.

Husbands and wives seriously need more time with each other, touching each other, and serving one another, and Melt gives you the guidance and confidence you need to do just that.

Is it for everyone? Probably not. But for a lot of you, it may just be what you need to add a spark to your marriage.

Would you consider a video massage course? Let me know in the comments below!