Do you feel like you don’t have time to read the Bible?

Join us for the 31 Day Bible & Breakfast Challenge and start a lifelong habit of feeding your body and soul together!

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Join thousands of women for the 31 Day Bible & Breakfast Challenge starting October 1.

It’s simple: all you do is read the Bible while you eat breakfast for 31 days so you start a lifelong habit of feeding your body and your soul together. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy the book?

I created a beautiful resource that will help you develop this daily habit of reading the Bible while you eat breakfast, but no, you don’t need the book to do this challenge. When you sign up, I’ll send you the daily Bible reading plan so you can still follow along. 

However, if you’d like a daily devotional to go along with each day’s passage, an inductive study to dig deeper when you get the chance, plus 31 delicious breakfast family favorites, then you’ll certainly want to order Bible and Breakfast: 31 Mornings with Jesus to keep you company throughout this challenge. 

What if I don’t eat breakfast?

Listen, I get it. There are days when I skip a breakfast meal and just grab a granola bar as I head out the door. Now ideal, but it works in a rush, right? But we have a hard time thinking this way about our spiritual food, as if anything short of an hour-long inductive study is cheating. But just as a nourishing snack is better than starving all morning, so a few minutes with Jesus is better than nothing at all.

Throughout this challenge I’ll invite you to think creatively about how to feed your soul while feeding your body, like listening to a Bible passage while munching on an apple during your morning commute. And if you don’t eat anything until lunchtime? Then join in during your lunch hour.

But what if my toddler chatters in my ear?

Sure, we’d all prefer a few moments of blissful peace, but if you’re a young mama, your quiet moments are few and far between. And I’m right there with you. 

That means most days, I’m inviting my three young children to join me in Bible and Breakfast. It means I’m cutting up pieces of fruit while and wiping up spilles while rereading the same few verses out loud over and over again. It means answering questions and breaking up squabbles while silently praying I don’t lose my temper and slam shut my Bible. 

But look close and you’ll see the beauty of these moments: we’re modeling for our children a hunger for God’s Word, and we’re imprinting on their little souls dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of mornings spent around the breakfast table with Jesus. Even if we only get one crumb that falls from the Master’s table, He can multiply it to feed our souls. And it will be enough. 

Do I have to change what I eat for breakfast? 

Nope! Not at all. If you’re following along with my new Bible and Breakfast book, you can find fun new recipes in there, but you can eat whatever you’d like.

Are you providing a reading plan? 

Yep! When you sign up for the 31 Day Bible and Breakfast Challenge, I’ll send you a printable reading plan and lots of other helpful resources. 

Where can I find other women who are doing the 31 Day Bible & Breakfast Challenge?

Little groups are popping all over the country, and you can start one in your own neighborhood! You can also find readers using our hashtag #bibleandbreakfast on Instagram and Facebook

Can I invite my friends to join too? 

Absolutely! In fact, I encourage you to invite a neighbor, sister, or friend to join you in this 31-day challenge. Just send them to this page to sign up!

I'm in! Where do I sign up? 

I thought you'd never ask. Simply fill in the form at the bottom of this post and you'll be all set!