Jesus said, "You did not choose Me. I chose you."

When You Feel Like You’re Failing at Everything in Life

Have you ever had God smack you upside the head again and again with the same message?

Yeah. That was me this week. Again and again He’s been whispering to my heart, “Come here. Your weirdness is wonderful. I made you and I love you and there are lots of other people feeling the same way you do. I love them too.”

I looked around my messy house and my empty content calendar and felt like I was sinking faster than a rock chained with a ball weight, and I despaired.

…And then my friend Jennifer posted about not measuring up and Crystal posted about running ragged trying to be awesome, and I realized we were all in the same boat.

Earlier this week I re-posted an article that exposed by heart raw, only to be met with defeaning silence. The hours sludged by with hardly a comment or social share, and I wondered if I was all alone in feeling like I did.

…But then one brave person commented and someone wrote on my Facebook wall, and though it’s still quieter than most posts I’ve written, just enough people chimed in to tell me that we’re all in this together.

Then today, in honor of #throwbackthursday, I posted this embarassing picture of freshman year and almost deleted it before I hit “publish” because, well, I look terrible! (And don’t we all like to look put-together on Facebook?)

Awkward high school photo

That’s me as an awkward freshman, on the right.

…But then my two friends commented on the photo about wanting to untag themselves and laughable fashion faux pas, and I chuckled as they expressed my thoughts exactly.

And just yesterday when I felt like life may just be falling apart, I read these life-giving words from sweet Ann Voskamp:

Jesus cups our faces & looks right into us with the truth:
“The point is, you don’t have to be good enough — Because I am grace enough.
You don’t have to be strong enough —Because I am Savior enough
You don’t have to be sure enough — Because I am certain enough
that you can’t do anything, ever, in any possible way, to make Me possibly love you more —
and you are loved more than you can ever, in any way, possibly imagine.”

And all these events made me realize the power of saying, “Me too!”

We try so hard to portray an image that is perfect and put-together, houses that are spotless, writing desks that are Pinterest-worthy, and productivity levels that are enviable, when really… we’re all in the same boat.

We all want to be awesome.

We all long for picture-perfect homes. Jesus said, "You did not choose Me. I chose you."

We all try to hide our flaws and draw attention to our features.

We all desperately want to hear “well-done!”

We all despair of every measuring up.

We all long for the day when all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place to reveal a lovely mosaic instead of the scattered mess that greets us every day.

We all need a Savior, and we all need each other (just check out these verses on community).

God doesn’t look around for the best players before picking His team. He chooses the broken, the weak, the messed-up. He wants the ones other captains overlook, the ones who trip over their feet, the ones who practice like mad and still miss the serve. And He wants us to play together, to work together as one under His direction.

You did not choose Me but I chose you.
John 15:16

He chooses the weak and the insignificant because He wants our accomplishments to point everyone to Himself.

If you feel like you don’t have it all together, you’re in good company. I’m the same. And so is the next person. We’re all in need of a Savior.

We can stop trying to be strong enough and perfect enough because Jesus is everything enough for us.

And we can put our arms around each others’ shoulders and say, “You too? Yeah, I feel like that most of the time too. It’s okay. We’re in this together, and we have a Savior who gets us and loves us anyway. Let’s do this together.”

Shared with the wonderful “me-too” community at Five Minute Friday.