What If God Asks Me to Do Something Scary?

Mission work in the jungle. Losing your job. Sharing the Gospel with the cashier. I’ve felt that fearful tug when God asks me to do something scary. You probably have too.

I recently received a prayer request from a sweet 17-year-old who shared with me that she felt God might be calling her to the religious sisterhood. Though scared about giving up her plans for a family and medical career, she wanted to obey God and follow His plan for her life.

Don’t we all struggle with this at some point? Don’t we all wonder, “If I give Him complete control, what if God asks me to do something scary?” 

When God Asks Me to Do Something Scary

I get what it means to be scared by God’s call on your life. In fact, I went through something similar as a teenager, when I felt God calling me to be a missionary. It took some time, but I eventually got to the point of complete surrender when I told Him, “Anything you want to do with me, Lord. I am completely Yours.” The relief and peace that comes from giving God control and letting Him call the shots is astounding. What if God asks me to do something scary? How should I respond?

The often-misquoted Proverb holds true here, albeit differently than we often hear it:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight.
Proverbs 3:5-6

God makes our paths straight when we submit to Him.

We all come to a fork in the road, where we choose to either surrender to God or hold on to our own dreams for our lives. On the one hand, we can hold on to our fears of worst possible scenarios if we obey God. On the other hand, when God asks me to do something scary, I can choose to trust God’s heart for me and rest in Him, even when I don’t understand all the details, and believe that He will give us the strength to be faithful even through the scariest things.

And you know what?

Sometimes those fears are all in our heads. They might not come true, or even if they do, we’ll no longer be intimidated by them. As my story goes, even though I said “yes” to God’s call to be a missionary, I’m not living on the mission field. At least, not in the strictest sense of the word.

God’s Mission For Your Life

It turns out God had a different “mission field” in mind, a digital discipleship. Today, the internet is my mission field, and I’m thrilled to share the Good News of Jesus through blogs, live videos, tweets, and posts. It’s an incredible calling, and I’m humbled that God would use me, as reluctant as I was at first, to spread the Gospel around the world.

I had no way of knowing what that would look like 10 years ago, but God knew.

What unknown scary thing is God asking you to trust Him with? It comes down to this simple question: “Will you trust Him with your life, your plans, your homes, your dreams, and your future? Will you trust that His plans for you are good, so much better than you can imagine right now?”

The answer, dear one, must always be “yes.” And sometimes, that “yes” looks completely different from what we think it will.

I don’t know what God is calling you to specifically, but I know He is calling you to complete surrender. And you will find joy and peace when you entrust your life and your future to God.

Let go of fear and doubt and throw yourself on God, surrendering everything you have to Him and embracing His plans for you.

Consider reading, meditating, and journaling Isaiah 55 and let those truths soak deep into your soul. Then kneel before God and surrender everything to God. Don’t hold anything back. Every morning make this your prayer: “Here I am, Lord. I am Yours. Do whatever You want with me.” And then watch and see how God will move powerfully in and through your life.

That will be quite the story to tell.