Unwrapping the Names of Jesus: An Advent Devotional

Unwrapping the Names of Jesus is an Advent Devotional for women.

On the surface? It’s a study about the different names of Jesus.

But really? It’s about how the gift of Jesus brings new life and great joy the deeper we know Him, an especially powerful awakening during the Christmas season. In Jesus we have the very Word of God, the most amazing communication He could give us

It’s designed for the woman who wants more from the season than holiday parties, hors d’oeuvres, and a new leather purse. You want a deeper walk with Jesus. You want to know Him and touch Him and find rest in Him and talk with Him. And you want to wake up on Christmas morning bouncing with excitement to celebrate Him.

I wrote this book for you, friend.

By the end of the devotional, you will…

  • Grow in your love and understanding of who Jesus is
  • Cherish lots of fun memories as you put your faith in action with your family
  • Wake up on Christmas morning with the awe and wonder you felt as a child

And best of all, you’ll have the experience of quiet pockets of time with Jesus throughout the hectic holiday season.

What Others Are Saying…

Thoughtful, wise, insightful, and beautifully written, this devotional will bring you the peace you are craving during this harried season. (Michelle D.)
I have studied the names of Jesus for years and I was excited to find new takeaways. The author has made it an easy read, fun for the family and challenging for the reader who wants to dig a little deeper. (Amy K.)

We have been using this devotional together as a family for our advent countdown and it has given me such a new perspective on Christmas and its importance. My kids try to guess the name for each day from the verse and can name most of them up to this point. It has been a fantastic addition to our advent celebration! (Heidi R.)

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