5 Tips for Going on a Sugar Fast


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We’ve all heard of fasting, right? But have you ever considered a sugar fast? A sugar fast is a great way to discover what controls your heart and also to break the tie that it might have over you.

If you’re ready to accept the challenge, here are five tips to help you with your sugar fast:

1. Embrace your need for God’s grace and strength.

This isn’t going to be easy. It’s not supposed to be. There will be times when sugar cravings will almost seem to overwhelm you. Don’t be afraid to admit your weakness and your desperate need for Jesus to intervene to keep you strong. Be quick to say, “I need You, Lord. You are enough for me.” This realization that you can’t do it on your own is an essential part of fasting.

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2. Use cravings as prayer prompts.

Any time a craving hits, recognize it, and then take it captive and make it submissive to Christ. Allow your cravings to drive you to the feet of Jesus, and tell Him, “I really want to eat _______ right now. But more than I want sugar, I want to desire You. Help me hunger for You as much as I’m hungering for this treat right now.

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3. Feast on God’s Word.

Fasting isn’t just removing something (sugar); it’s learning to replace that item with God. Just as Jesus responded to Satan’s temptations in the wilderness with quotes from Deuteronomy 8:3:

“Man does not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord.”

So only then can we can remove temptation with the very utterance of his word!

Begin your day with Scripture. Post verses around your kitchen, where you used to keep treats. (You did throw those out, right? Remove temptations from the get-go.) Memorize Scripture so you can use it as a sword to ward off the attacks of the enemy. When fasting, make sure you feast on Him.

4. Reframe your view of “success.”

The goal isn’t merely to make it through the fast without indulging in sugar. The goal is to recognize what controls your heart, to break the power of strongholds, and to stir up a hunger for God. Pray toward that end.And if you mess up and eat a handful of M&M’s, you haven’t failed if you run to Jesus and pray through what just happened. Failure is when you give up or when you become legalistic and forget that this is about a relationship.

5. Journal your journey with Jesus.

You’ll learn as much from your good days as you will from your bad days when you take them all to the Lord. Be quick to ask Him, “What do You want me to learn from this?” and you’ll find your own spiritual understanding growing deeper each time you fast.

If you can find a friend to do this fast with you, you’ll find it helpful. An accountability partner is not essential, but can be a great blessing. You can encourage each other, pray for each other, and share what you’re learning as well.

Or find a community of thousands of women embarking on this journey at the 40 Day Sugar Fast by Wendy Speake

I pray that as you fast from sugar, you will discover a hunger and thirst for Jesus as you’ve never known before.

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