The Art of Work:: A Video Book Review

Looking for an inspiring book to help you discover your calling in life? Today’s Book Review for Busy Women is for you!

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Quick Takes

I enjoyed this book on finding your calling because Jeff weaves facinating stories with current research to lead us to the place where our passions connect with the needs of the world. Through carefully-crafted chapters, Jeff distills a process that each of us can approach to discover our calling in life.

I appreciate his perspective on apprenticeship and failures. First, that apprenticeship isn’t not so much a class you take or a mentor you meet but rather choosing to learn from the people and circumstances in your life. And secondly, that failures can be better interpreted as “pivot points” that help redirect us in our pursuits from what we thought we wanted to do (or were good at) to what we were really destined to do in the first place.

Discovering your calling is not an epiphany but a series of intentional decisions. It looks less like a giant leap and more like building a bridge.
~ Jeff Goins, The Art of Work

This is a great read for both young people who are trying to figure out what to do with their lives and older peeps who feel stuck in their current situation and are longing for something more.

Take Action

Have you read this book? What did you think of it?
Do you think each of us has a calling in life? If so, how do we find it?

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