Praising God from A-Z (A Creative Worship Experience)

Feel a desire to worship God but don’t know what to say or do? Praising God from A-Z is an easy and creative worship experience that will focus your attention on the characteristics of God and draw your heart to worshipping Him.

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The Worship ProblemPraise God from A-Z

In my journey toward an intimate relationship with God, I discovered that I don’t really know how to worship Him. I believed that worship is important to the life of a Christian, and I’d sing my heart out every Sunday morning. I’d even lift my hands and sway on occasion.

But at home? Sure, I’d sing a worship song or two during my daily devotions, but it just didn’t feel the same. There was no rush of emotion and no supernatural worship experience. Plus, I was pretty sure God was disappointed in the fact that I couldn’t remember the lyrics to all four verses of my favorite hymn.

Do you feel the same way?

As I studied the life of Mary, the sinner who knew just how much she had been forgiven, I realized I didn’t love Jesus the way she did. As she fell at His feet, no act of devotion was too big for her; overwhelmed with love and affection, she worshipped Him with all she had: her most precious perfume and her hair. And Jesus accepted her devotion.

Thus I began a journey of pursuing real intimacy with God.


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The ABC’s of Worship

I found the idea for this practical worship experience in Linda Dillow’s book, Satisfy My Thirsty Soul

Quite simply, kneel before God and worship Him with a word that begins with “A.” You could say, “God you are amazing.” Keep worshipping Him with all the words you can think of that begin with the letter “A.”

Then continue through the alphabet until you reach the letter Z.

A – Almighty, awesome, all-powerful, attentive, active

B – Beautiful, bountiful, best, bright, brilliant

C – Cosmic, creator, Christ, the coming One

D – Dominant, deliverer, my delight

E – Everlasting, eternal, energetic, excellent, exalted

F – Father, forgiver, faithful

G – Gentle, good shepherd, great, glorious


Since I’ve been introduced to this method of worship, I’ve been using it throughout my day, not just during “devotional time” in the morning but also when I’m driving around town or washing dishes.

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This is a great worship experience for children as well. Consider going around a circle, each person taking a turn with a letter. If the children are young, help them think of attributes of God that begin with their letter. You could write down the words or help them draw a picture to go with the worship experience.

Also try going for a walk in nature and praising God this way. Bring a friend along and encourage one another with the characteristics of God as you go through the alphabet. Q, X, and Z are a challenge, but you can get creative. (See also my post on 120 Creative Ways to Connect with God for more worship ideas.)