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Testimony Tuesday: There You Are!

Every Tuesday we will hear from others on this journey. Some posts will be favorite quotes from books that I’ve been reading, others will be readers sharing how God has worked in their lives, while others might be guest posts or book reviews. The purpose for this weekly post is to create an environment where we learn from each other and encourage one another in our walk with Jesus.

To start, I’d like to share with you a quote from a favorite author of mine, Anne Ortlund, that goes well with our study this week in Philippians 2:

There are two kinds of personalities in this world, and you are one of the two. People can tell which, as soon as you walk into a room: your attitude says either “Here I am,” or “There you are.” Which kind are you? […]

there you are

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As a woman, your eternity-oriented task is to affect others, to move them to God through the Savior, Jesus Christ. Your temporary task, for the years you have them, is to affect the members of your physical family, by whatever means you can, to be “born again” into God’s eternal family and to grow within that family to spiritual maturity. Your lifelong task, at least from conversion on, whether married or single, is to influence everyone you can, by whatever means you can, to the same ends–to help them become temple material of gold, silver, and precious stones. […]

The more God-integrated and focused your central core is, the more powerful is the push outward, until (only God knows) your public life may become public indeed. At least it will be as far as eternity is concerned.

[You may think] you have no public life at all. But you certainly do. Beyond your most intimately known circle of people, what lives do you touch? Who knows you? Many at your church, and perhaps in other organizations. The grocer, the bank teller, the postman, your neighbors–are you not just touching their lives, but influencing them for Jesus?

Only one life; ’twill soon be past;
Only what’s done for Christ will last!

Testimony Tuesday

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Walk out that door of your home to your job, or whatever your world may be, saying “There you are! There are all you precious people, with feeling and needs. Who of you is ready today to be pressured to God, gently or strongly as he leads me?”

~Anne Ortlund, Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman, p. 95-97, 1977


What about you? What has God done in your life that you would like to praise Him for? (This could be something He did yesterday or 20 years ago.) What is He teaching you right now? Please email me  to be featured on Testimony Tuesday so that we can encourage and build one another up!