You Have a Story to Tell– #OTAVEDA Challenge


I know the world is a noisy place and it feels like you’re standing in the middle of Times Square with morning traffic rushing at you at 100 miles an hour even though you’re only staring at a screen.

Photo Credit: onesevenone

I know it feels like everyone else has a better testimony than you because they’ve been through more or they’re farther ahead or there’s just something that sets them apart.

And I know that putting yourself out there is crazy-scary and it might cause a little anxiety attack just thinking what others will say or think if they saw or heard your story.


Photo Credit: chris zerbes

But listen: God redeemed you for His glory and His honor, and you have a story to tell. Can I get an amen?

I will sing of the LORD’s great love forever; with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through all generations.
~Psalm 89:1

There’s this phenomenon happening on the internet for the next 31 days. They’re calling it VEDA.

Every day of August people will get on YouTube and share a video.

Some will share tips and tricks. Others reviews and SEO secrets. But the vast majority of the videos will be noise. Stuff like “what kind of swimsuit I like to wear” and “this is how I eat my toast.”

But what if instead of passively receiving what the world feeds us, we proclaim the truth of God’s steadfast love?

What if we flooded YouTube and social media channels with stories of God’s enduring faithfulness?

What if through your video, one person turns to Jesus?

Wouldn’t that be an awesome way to spend the month of August? Reaching the world for Jesus through YouTube, one video at a time, right from the comfort of our own homes?

I challenge you to do something brave: join me this month in #OTAVEDA by sharing a video of your story of God’s faithfulness with the world. Post a video every day or once a week or even just make your debut on YouTube.

But tell the world what God has done in your life and encourage one another in this walk. (If you need someone to hold your hand through this process–hitting “publish” on that first video can be scary–Ramon Williamson does just that. Check it out here.)


Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up below to be part of the One Thing Alone Vlog Every Day in August Challenge (#OTAVEDA for short)
  • Follow other people who will be participating in the challenge so we can encourage each other
  • Download 31 #OTAVEDA Prompts to help get you started (or use them as idea-generators for other prompts)
  • Create and post a video on YouTube every day in the month of August (or even just ONE video!! you can do it!)
  • Share your video using the hashtag #OTAVEDA so we can find each other
  • Join the weekly link-ups I’ll be hosting here during the month

Why would I do that, you ask?

Because the world is missing your story and your voice.

Because video reaches people who would never read your blog post or Facebook status or tweet.

Because we’re out to glorify the Father for what He’s doing in our lives and in the world.

So if you post one video, that’s great. Five? Fantastic. Thirty-one? Way to go.

I’ll be uploading my #OTAVEDA videos on my YouTube channel. You can subscribe so you don’t miss a thing!

Even if you can’t commit to creating a video this next month, spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr…. get the word out!

Let’s all be brave. Join me in sharing with the world the wonderful love of Jesus through our social media presence. You can do it!!!