Why You Should NOT Read the Bible

Why You Should NOT Read the Bible

There are many reasons not to read the Bible. Don’t let them keep you from reading it.

Rather, pray that God will help you overcome these bad reasons and give you a sincere desire to know and love Him through the pages of Scripture.

1. Don’t read the Bible to impress God
Trying to gain God’s approval by reading the Bible is as senseless as a baby drinking milk to impress her mama; babies eat because they’re hungry, not to show off. We read the Bible because it feeds us the words of God and fills our minds and hearts with Truth. God’s delights when His children eat their fill of the Word, much as a mother grin when her little one leans back with a full tummy and a contented sigh. There’s only one good reason to read the Bible. Don’t settle for anything less.

There are ways to walk with God even when reading the Bible isn’t an option. Yes, self-discipline is important, but guilt does no good unless it results in heart change (2 Corinthians 7:10). When you realize it’s been a while, don’t just rush to read it and be done; spend some time with the Word and in prayer, and ask God to show you where you need to change.

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There are some reasons you shouldn't read the Bible. Do you know what they are?