This Is How You Reach the World for Jesus

There’s a part of me that wants to reach the world for Jesus. I want to tell every woman, man, and child about the grace of God in my life and how He’s changed the way I do EVERYTHING!

And then I get overwhelmed.

How can I possibly do that? I may never go to South America or Africa or Alaska.

It’s true that God is the God who specializes in impossibilities. He’s a maestro when it comes to taking broken pieces and making something beautiful out of them, something so breathtaking and unbelievable that everyone gives Him the credit. God works powerfully, but for the most part gradually and gently.

And as I peruse the pages of Scriptures, I’m surprised to find that Jesus’ calling on believers lives is not necessarily to preach in stadiums or build mega-churches or hold conferences for tens of thousands. Some people will do that, like my friend Lisa-Jo who is building a community center in her hometown in South Africa, and to God be the glory for that.

But Jesus’ calling for every one of us?

To visit the imprisoned.

To feed the poor.

To share a cup of cold water.

To reach out and touch individual lives with the love of Jesus and welcome them into His Kingdom.

Come to think of it, Jesus didn’t relate to people simply as masses, though they followed Him everywhere and He preached and fed and healed. No, what we find in the gospels again and again is that Jesus related to people on an individual level.

He reached out and touched them: the man who was born blind, the girl who was dead, the one who was leprous, and the woman who was demon-possessed.

Jesus wasn’t too busy with His grand agenda to touch the lives of the people around Him. And He isn’t too busy running the universe to touch my life and yours.

In being too focused on “the big picture” or bemoaning the atrocities we watch every day on TV, it’s easy to lose track of the opportunities to love and serve right in front of us: the cashier, the telemarketer, the neighbor, the nurse, the parent, the husband, the child.

These are the people to which we are called to show Jesus day by day.

Because we reach the world when we touch those within arms’ reach.

  Reach out

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Photo Credit: Gregory Bastien