A Prayer for Christmas Peace

I don’t know about you, but I can get so consumed by everything I need to DO for the Christmas season that I often skip my quiet time with the Lord just to tackle another item on my list. And if I do make it to that sacred space, my mind is buzzing with so much to do that I can hardly focus on worshiping God.

So I wrote this prayer, inspired by my work on Unwrapping the Names of Jesus: An Advent Devotional. It’s a prayer for me, for you, and for everyone who needs help guiding her quiet time with the Lord during this busy holiday season. As you read these words, make them your own by adding those details that are unique in your life, and offer them to the Lord as an offering from an honest and open heart.

A Prayer for Christmas Peace

O Lord, teach me again what Christmas is all about. Help me remember the reason You gave us this beautiful season in the first place. Show me how to celebrate the birth of our Savior. Tune my heart to wonder at Your beauty and sing Your praise.

You, Emmanuel, God with us, all glory and power and authority contained within a little child clinging to His mother for milk, for cuddling, and for soothing.

You, the Word of God who spoke the world into existence… became as One without words; You cooed and gurgled as we all once did, learned to sound out syllables one by one.

You, the Holy One of God, brilliant in Your majesty and commanding in authority… lowered Yourself to walk our dusty streets, chew food at our tables, and nap in uncomfortable wooden quarters.

You, the Alpha and Omega, the One who has no beginning and no end… You pierced through time and space to take on flesh and be bound by the same laws of physics as us–to age, to wrinkle, to hurt, to groan as the crown of thorns was shoved onto Your forehead.

I’m sharing this prayer for Christmas peace over at Ungrind. Read the rest here.

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