Oh Come Let Us Adore Him… Year-Round!

We sat around the table in the noisy cafe, hearts open and words pouring out.

“I don’t know,” one of them said, wrapping her hands around her the mug of tea in front of her. “It just seems like it’s easy to lose the wonder of being married to the man of your dreams. I mean, not that he’s any less wonderful or thoughtful or caring, but you just…” she paused, looking out the window. “I don’t even know. I just lose the awe of being with him because I’m used to him. It’s like I treat him like a mac-and-cheese meal when I have a gourmet table laid before me.”

We nodded our heads empathetically, each of us guilty of undervaluing our husbands in our turn.

And that made me think: don’t I do that with God, too?

I become so accustomed with His graciousness, His mercy, His forgiveness, that I take it all for granted.

It’s like walking past the Christmas tree three weeks after you put it and not even noticing the twinkling lights anymore because the newness wore off. They were amazing those first few days, but after a while, well, it all just kind of blends in.

Or perhaps the wonder or a starry sky on a chilly night, the magnitude of it all taking your breath away, only to lose its appeal after a few short minutes.

Jesus can be that way. He can blend into the background of blessed lives and amazing family and it takes effort to muster up worship. Not because He is any less worthy of adoration but because we’re so prone to get distracted like silly sheep.

But that’s not what I want for this Christmas.

This Christmas I want to feel the awe and wonder of the shepherds when they first heard that the long-awaited Savior was first born. I want to fall down at His feet and worship Him like the magi when they brought gifts. I want to gaze into His face with adoration and love like the first time Mary laid eyes on Him.

And I don’t want that feeling to ever fade away.

But feelings do. Fade, that is. But Jesus is the same. And every time we need to refresh our perspectives and rejuvinate our adoration, all we need to do is come.

He is waiting for you and me.

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