My Honest Review: NLT Filament Bible Journal Collection by Tyndale

Do your Bible study and sermon notes end up scattered in lots of different journals? Would you love to have one easy place to collect all of your insights and reflections?

I am so thankful to partner with the good folks at Tyndale who sent me the NLT Filament Bible Journal Collection to review!

This set includes thin, softcover individual books of the Bible. Each journal has scripture on the left side and then a blank page on the right for you to write your observations and applications. With every other page blank, the NLT Filament Bible Journals provide ample space for journaling and keeping your notes all in one place. Not to mention, they are beautifully designed too!

These journals can also be used for your prayer life. One idea is to pray through the books of the Bible for your children and write your prayers on the blank pages. Or perhaps you could write prayers for a friend through a book of the Bible and then give the journal as a gift. What a unique and thoughtful gift that would be!

The one question that I always encourage students of the Bible to start with is “What’s one thing I learn about God in this text?” and the Filament Bible Journal gives you space to write your observations. I love that these journals can become a collection of your moments with Jesus, a written testament of the ways that He is revealing Himself to you.

Filament Bible App Experience

What really makes these journals unique is the Filament Bible App integration. Basically, when you scan the page number with your phone or tablet, you open a portal to deeper study through the Filament Bible App, which is filled with handy resources that are curated to what you are reading:

  • study notes
  • interactive maps (I am most excited about this! You can see exactly where a passage of scripture took place!)
  • videos
  • devotionals
  • and more!

This app feature is a revolutionary game-changer for Bible study. All of your typical study notes like footnotes and cross references that you would have in a Study Bible are now on your phone. No more lugging around a thick Study Bible!

Other Favorite Features

  • I really like how portable these journals are! They are easy to pull out and take with you, whether you are going to a Bible study or attending church. Right now I am using my Matthew journal for my sermon notes as my pastor preaches through the Book of Matthew.
  • The pages are opaque and easy to write on without bleeding through the page. You get the nice thicker paper without having to carry around a heavy Bible. I love that I can keep all of my notes in one place and over time I will have a whole set of study notes, sermon notes, and my personal applications. This keepsake Bible study collection is something that you can continually return to as you seek to know and love Jesus more!

Who Are These Journals For?

As you can see, there is a lot to love about the Filament Bible Journals! So who exactly would I recommend these for? Well, if you want to study the Bible inductively and you like having study notes, then I really recommend getting these journals! Tyndale actually has a whole line of Filament Bibles to go along with the Filament Journals. And you can buy a journal set or you can find all of the individual journals listed on Amazon here. This is a great option for trying out the journals!

Overall, I am very impressed with the Filament Bible Journals. You can watch my full video review and flip-through here to get a visual understanding of the many features. Join me in going deeper in your Bible reading by studying with Filament!