Is This Lie Keeping You from Consistent Quiet Time?

Many of us believe that if we just try harder, we’ll achieve our self-improvement goals. 

But that’s a lie.

Scripture says we can’t help ourselves no matter how hard we try (John 15:5, Gal 2:20, 2 Cor 12:9-10). 

  • We can’t will ourselves to be more disciplined.
  • We can’t make ourselves want to read the Bible more.
  • We can’t transform our night-owl habits into bright-morning love.
  • We can’t be better Christians.

In fact, that’s the essence of the Gospel. The very premise of our faith is that we can’t be better on our own and we need God to save us. We readily accept this truth when it comes to our salvation, but somehow we fall into our old way of thinking when it comes to our sanctification.

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Is this lie keeping you from a consistent quiet time?