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3 Ways Lent Could Change your Life

“So, what are you giving up for Lent?

The question took me by surprise; I had never thought about it before. The question came up as often as did friendly inquiries about my weekend. And I didn’t know what to say.

Back then I’d never seen posts like this one on 50 unique ideas of what to give up for Lent.

Honestly, I had never even considered participating in Lent. But what followed was a discovery of how Lent could change my life.

Giving up something seemed like a burden.

As 2018 makes its grand stand and we all slowly find our feet, I must say, I found myself dreading Lent! Not another thing to add to my plate. I have too much going on. Overwhelmed, overloaded, wandering from one task to the next. The call to give up something seemed burdensome.

But, I was the exact person Lent was made for! It became a challenge to stop, slow down and holt the treadmill of my ever demanding life. Lent changed my life and Lent could change your life because it forces us to look at our heart and it take a moment to say – hey what’s really going on here?This was no longer a burden, but a step towards freedom!

Lent brings a glorious freedom that could change your lifelent change life

The freedom Lent brings is how it can be instrumental in breaking strongholds in your life. Which not only brings freedom to you, but to your marriage, your children, food etc.

Just one kind of fast that I have done is the 40 day sugar fast with Wendy Speake.

Come and see how God is changing lives and how this changed life could be yours!

But, sugar is just one thing you could give up. Watch the video to discover a key question that will help you uncover what would be the most useful thing to give up? It’s important to know what area of life Lent should change!

I’ve been there. Hear My True Story Behind my Sugar Fast. 

Lent could make you more hungry than ever before

That seems obvious. If I give up food, of course I am going to feel more hungry? But this is a different kind of hunger. This hunger will transform you from the inside out!

Abstaining allows us time to savour God before Easter arrives on our doorstep. We are so often in a flurry to be meaningful over what is supposed to be a precious celebration! But when we abstain we are simply finding a captive way to refocus our need for God. And when you do, ask Him to help you relish in the knowledge of Him above all.

Ever wondered if Lent could bring you closer to God?


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