How to Instill in Kids a Love for God's Word

How to Instill in Kids a Love for God’s Word

It was my favorite room in the house.

Small but smelling strongly of fresh pine wood, my father’s study fascinated me with its floor to ceiling shelves lined with hundreds and hundreds of books. And there, in the center, was my dad, usually working on a sermon, underlining an important point in one of his reference books or highlighting potential illustrations in another.

Over the years, that collection grew with the addition of VHS tapes and then CDs. Still later, DVDs competed for space in the crowded study as the floor became cluttered with boxes full of new resources. If there was ever a well-read man, that would be my dad.

In that room I discovered the wealth of information available to anyone who cared to open up the pages between two covers. I would saunter into his office, interrupting his study with some philosophical question or another. And he always made time.

Laying aside his pen and notes, we would talk about everything from holy water to predetermination, the problem of suffering and the problem of over-spiritualizing. And inevitably, he would spin around in his black leather chair and scan the shelves, plucking a book from the exact spot he knew he’d find it.

“Read this,” he’d tell me. And I would. And our conversations grew richer and deeper for it.

How to Instill in Kids a Love for God’s Word

Looking back, I recognize the wisdom in what my father did.How to Instill in Kids a Love for God's Word

  • He stirred my curiosity about the big questions in life.
  • He made time for me no matter what he was working on.
  • He engaged in conversations that were heart-shaping and life-changing.
  • He read voraciously so that he could place good books in my hands.
  • He opened up his personal library of resources to me.

I owe my love of books and God’s Word to my father. Little did I know then what he was doing, but it’s exactly what I want to do with my kids too.