How to Live Joyfully Year-Round, Not Just at Christmas

We’re all looking for happiness in life. You’ve probably seen commercials that show priceless tender moments in life. But tied to those same commercials is the underlying message that if only we had more, bought more, travelled more, we would be happier. (How ironic!)

We get caught up in this cycle of consumerism especially at the holidays because, let’s face it, we live in a culture that ties our worth to what we own.

So we buy bigger toys. More gifts. Dig deeper into debt.

All in the hopes of making that happy feeling last just a bit longer.

Though present under a tree may cause momentary happiness, do not confuse them with THE REAL THING.Those emotions fade as scuff marks mar the leather purse and new dreams replace the old ones.

But the joy we find in Jesus? That’s the real deal. Read more of my post over at For the Family.

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