My Honest Review of the She Reads Truth Bible

It’s what you have been asking for and now I’m finally delivering!

Here’s my honest review of the She Reads Truth Bible! Come and walk with me through the pages of this beautiful, carefully crafted Bible.

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She Reads Truth Bible paints color with purposeHonest Review She Reads Truth Bible

The She Reads Truth Bible goes above and beyond with color and graphics. In the video I’ll walk you through some of these exquisite pages where the She Reads Truth team have lettered memory verses for each book.

This is great if you’re a visual learner, but the aesthetics will make most women get excited to be in her Bible.  

The colors are carefully selected for each book to help teach us about the genre we are reading — green is history and pink is poetry. That is pretty nifty! It is color with purpose! And this is across the board, maps, dividers – you name it they have paid attention to making the interaction visually stimulating.

She Reads Truth is concerned for women to be prepared to read their Bibles

They have deliberately woven a Bible reading plan for every book with pockets of devotionals to help you engage with your Bible. Each book has a helpful introduction to prepare you for what you are about to read. This is what She Reads Truth is all about: preserving the truth of Scripture.



They have also slipped in a small, but important gratitude list for each book that will motivate you to read and give thanks for that particular book of the Bible.

It wouldn’t be an honest review of the She Reads Truth Bible if I didn’t say …

Honest Review She Reads Truth Bible

This one flaw. Only one! The paper is very thin, so this will limit the way you journal. So minor!

But more importantly, the text is laid out in such a smart way so as to give you time and space to engage, reflect, and journal. So although you are limited in your choice of pens, you can still journal!

She Reads Truth Bible uses the CSB translation

Never heard of it? Well, its fairly new, but a great translation that remains true to the text (much like the ESV), but very readable to the modern reader.

Perhaps you’re not sure which translation you should use. Let me help you pick Which Bible Translation is the Right one for You

Have I made you desperate for a copy? Just one click away to get your very own She Reads Truth Bible.


Maybe you’re happy with what you’ve got or just got your new She Reads Truth Bible, but you need some tips on how to study the Bible itself. Join me as we take just 31 Days for Better Bible Study.


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Note: The links in this post are affiliate links. Read our disclosure policy here:

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