When eating outside your home, do you find it hard not to think and talk about what’s in your food?

If yes, take the comfort food fixation assessment below. Read the following statements and honestly rate how well they describe you, with 1 being “never,” and 5 being “constantly.”

      1. When I get together with friends, we talk about the latest diets or food trends.

      2. Friends have told me that I take my healthy eating plan too seriously.

      3. I can’t travel without bringing along my own healthy food.

      4. I think less of people who don’t value healthy eating as much as I do.

      5. I talk to my friends more about food than I do about Jesus.

      6. I worry that if I don’t eat the right way, I’m going to suffer from serious diseases.

      7. I tell my friends how important it is to eat the right way—whether they want to hear it or not.

      8. How closely I follow my eating plan affects whether I feel good or bad about myself.

      9. I feel guilty when I indulge in a dessert.

      10. I’m more likely to look up healthy recipes and posts on Pinterest than I am to look up Scripture.

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