{Free Guide} 25 Resources to Deepen Your Relationship With God

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.
~James 4:8

Although I grew up in church and spent my childhood on the mission field, I didn’t know what exactly to do in my “quiet time” with God. I spent years oscillating between an overly academic and a lackadaisical approach.

But God gently and persistently called me to Himself, and over time I started to approach my relationship with Him as a RELATIONSHIP instead of an assignment.

I’m still learning what this means, but I’m enjoying the freedom that comes from approaching Him in many different ways, connecting with Him throughout the day, and knowing that He delights in my desire to seek Him and dwell in His presence.

Dwell Deeply2

As I started spending time with God as a relationship, I’ve come to use several resources over and over again. Though not an all-inclusive list, this guide includes many resources that have been life-transforming or are daily go-to’s when it comes to deepening my relationship with God.

All recommendations are resources I have personally found to be useful, and I believe they will benefit you. Remember to always filter information through the lens of Scripture; just because a resource appears in this guide doesn’t mean I endorse all its content. But I have personally benefited from each resource listed in this guide, and I believe you will too.

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