Find Quiet in Busy Life

How to Find Quiet in Your Busy Life

Are you desperate for quiet?

As a busy mom, I know I am. So this year for Lent, I tried to step away from social media. From TV shows. From newsfeeds. From all the noise around me.

And it was HARD.

But when I put down my phone, I discover pockets of quiet that I didn’t know were there. It’s been so refreshing. That habit of reaching for my phone has become a trigger to spend time with Jesus instead.

I’ve wanted to spend more time with Him, to cultivate our relationship as I would with a friend. And there’s been a sense of quiet rest, kind of like when you sit on the back porch with your best friend in comfortable silence.

…One of you makes a comment. The other nods and smiles. Then you both look out and watch a bird hopping through the grass in search of a worm. You breathe in the fresh spring air, and all is well.Find Quiet in Busy Life

There’s no pressure to impress your friend. You’re not trying to earn brownie points. You’re not rushing through your coffee date to get to the next thing.

You can just sit and enjoy each other’s presence…

Doesn’t that sound heavenly?

This week, I invited myOneThingAlone community members to join me in a 24-Hour Quiet Retreat, and I’d like to extend that invitation to you, too.

Because in those pockets of quiet, we recognize His presence. Jesus never leaves our side. It’s just that His calm voice is often drowned out by the tumultuous noise in our lives. Like listening for a cricket on a six-lane highway, we can’t hear Jesus until we shut down the traffic.

Yes, it’s hard, but it’s good. It’s SO good. These moments of quiet are like a cold glass of water for our parched souls.

And I want that refreshment for you, too.

I encourage you to tune out the noise for 24 hours and tune into the presence of Jesus in your life. Read one of the gospels or sing old hymns about the cross.

I’ve put together a free 24-Hour Quiet Retreat Guide to help you — just CLICK HERE to download. But whether you use the Guide or not, please take time to reflect on the cross and be quiet with the Lord.

You’ll be glad you did.

Precious Jesus, forgive us for allowing distractions in our lives to drown out Your presence. Help us shut down the noise and be quiet with You. Give us peace for our souls, and us rest in You. Amen.

With much joy,


P.S. This 24-Hour Quiet Retreat Guide is a sneak peek into the content we provide exclusively to myOneThingAlone members. Join the waiting list to be the first to know when doors open for registration!