How to Find a Good Bible Commentary

While reading your Bible, you might stumble upon a verse and hit a speed bump. You have no idea what that verse means. It’s a common plight of every reader of the Bible! The Bible is for anyone, but it is full and complex.

Thankfully we have countless resources available at our fingertips that can shed light on hazy places. A Bible commentary is just one of those resources. But how to find a good Bible commentary is the million dollar question. Which ones are trustworthy?

We need community to understand the Bible

The eunuch in Acts 8: 30-31 was a puzzled reader of the Bible, much like you and me:

Then Philip….heard the man reading Isaiah the prophet. “Do you understand what you are reading?” Philip asked.

“How can I,” he said, “unless someone explains it to me?” So he invited Philip to come up and sit with him.

A Bible commentary is an invitation to sit in community and interpret the Bible together. The community is there to serve us in reading, understanding, and applying biblical truth. This is what a good Bible commentary does — it provides community to aid understanding.


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How to find a good Bible commentary that you can trust

“A Bible commentary is an explanation of the biblical text by someone (usually a scholar) who has immersed himself or herself in the language, context, and form of biblical texts. The Bible commentator delivers to us details that we simply don’t have by the simple reading of Scripture…” – Bible Gateway Blog 


Commentaries enable us to stand on the shoulders of giants who dedicate their lives to certain parts of the Bible. But there should be caution as to whose shoulders you want to stand on. This is their interpretation, and not everyone is someone we should listen to.

Here are some good first steps:

  1. Ask your Pastor
  2. Look up your favorite publisher and search their publications. Example: Moody Publishers 


How can I know which Bible commentary I should use?

There are a host of different commentaries. You will know which Bible commentary you should use based on your need. There are three main kinds of needs when seeking to understand the Bible:Find Good Bible Commentary

  1. Quick clarification
  2. In-depth understanding
  3. Big picture


In my video I walk you through the variety of commentaries that serve as examples of these needs. I also add some easy access tips to finding a good Bible commentary.

Share what treasures you found, and we’ll share our treasure with you

I would love to know if you use Bible commentaries? If you do, which ones do you use?

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