Caring for Jesus:: Abiding in Christ {Day 10}

I should have expected it.


The rush to the ER. The trepidation of the unknown. The endless stream of medical history questions, needles, and IVs.

After all, I had prayed just earlier that week that God would tenderize my heart, make me sensitive to those around me, help me to care for others.

You see, I’m an INTJ. That means that I’m the perfect storm of introvert and rational, judgmental and intuitive. It looks like I’m distant, aloof, and unconcerned when really I just don’t know what to say and how to react, afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing so I remain motionless.

hustle and bustle

But God has been tilling up the soil of my heart, calling me to love in action, telling me that I love Jesus when I serve others. How else does abiding manifest itself if not in real-life care for those around us? 

So there I was, pulling rubberized socks out of the sterile plastic baggie, slipping them on his tired feet; spreading mayonnaise over the paper-thin bread and arranging his sandwich just like he wants it; turning on channels and translating medical orders, and in the midst of it, I realized: I was serving Jesus.

This hospital room had become holy ground, as the presence of Jesus filled every nook and cranny.

God isn’t calling us to some extraordinary feat of service. He calls us to be alert to the cups of water and the soothing words, the packed lunches and your-my-hero texts, the pay-it-forward coffee cup and the rinsed-out sippy cup.

Because we serve Jesus when we care for the person next to us.

you did for me

Day 10 Challenge: Look around you today. Who has God placed in your life today that needs your loving and tender care? Serve them as you would serve Jesus Himself.

Father, this is such a struggle for me. You know my heart and my sincere desire to serve, and You also know how often I’ve botched relationships because my pride of being misunderstood got in the way of serving. Help me take the towel and humble myself to serve even if it means making mistakes along the way. Teach me that when I care for others, I care for You.

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