10 Perfect Mothers Day Gifts

10 Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts for EVERY Mom!

Finding the perfect gift for Mother’s Day (or any special occasion) can be a challenge, especially if you’re on a budget. Plus, anything you think of getting your mom or mother-in-law are things they would probably get themselves, right? So what’s a girl to do?

I’ve got you covered.

This year, score brownie points with both your mom and your budget with these affordable and thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts. 

The Ultimate Homemaking BundleBundlePreview

If you’re looking for the gift that will keep on giving, the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is a great place to start. You get over 93 eBooks, eCourses, and bonuses (a combined value of over $3,000!) for just $29.97.

You can buy them each a bundle, or get one and split it among the moms on your list to cover all your shopping needs in one swoop. You can go here the full details! 

And if you want to throw in a little extra something, I’ve got some ideas there for you too. Just keep reading.

(All of the ebooks referenced below are part of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle.)

Homesteading mom

  • Homestead Simplicity: Natural Clean
  • Canning Pantry & Food Preservation Planner
  • The Modern Girl’s Guide to Homemaking
Above and Beyond

Looking for something more substantial and have the extra money to spend?

Homeschooling mom

  • Developing a Quiet Time: A Biblical Study for Kids
  • Rhythms, Routines & Schedules: How to Simplify Life with Kids
  • Raising Kids You Actually Like
  • Kids Discovery Box from Green Kid Crafts: give mom the gift of peace and quiet while kids work on fun activities and experiments. She’ll get to slip away and relax for a few hours, and the kids get to have fun learning. Win-win! (included in bundle)
Above and beyond
  • Thermal laminator: Every homeschooling mom I know loves to laminate things. And if she doesn’t, it’s probably because she doesn’t have one. You can fix that.

New or expecting mom

  • Help Baby Sleep: The Exhausted Parent’s Guide to a Restful First Year
  • Guilt Free Motherhood
  • Raising Lil’ Rock Stars Through the Bible A to Z (eCourse)
  • 20 Encouraging Verses for Moms: Give the gift of encouragement with this pack of cards, featuring verses and inspirational thoughts to help mom get through those rough spots.
  • Superhero Mom Tshirt: I think every mom (no matter how old) needs this tshirt. Just sayin’.
Above and Beyond10 Perfect Mother's Day Gifts for Every Mom
  • House cleaning service: Because, come on. Who has time to sweep when she has a newborn to feed? She’ll thank you forever.

Mom of multiples

  • Multi-pocket zip tote: With all the things she needs to lug around (in sets of two or more!), she’ll be thankful for the extra storage space and all the pockets in this
Above and Beyond
  • Programmable Crock-Pot: Ain’t nobody got time for cooking when running after kids. Give her the gift of a warm dinner waiting for her at the end of a long day. Again and again.

Spiritual mentor (honorary mom)

  • Make Over Your Calendar by Crystal Paine (eCourse)
  • Simplify: Thoughts & Tips to Live More Intentionally
  • 25 Sweet Treats for Summer: Because if she’s been there for you while you were laughing and crying, she’s probably investing in others too. And where there are tears, you can always use a sweet treat too.
  • “Love Does” journal: Intentional people tend to be reflective. Give her a place to reflect with this lovely journal that celebrates her investment in your life.
Above and Beyond

Pastor’s wife

  • Live for Him: 7-Day Scripture Study on Living Intentionally
  • A Month of Good Enough for Company Meal Plans (because she’s probably entertaining A LOT of guests, thanks to her husband’s job, and who couldn’t use some help with meal planning?)
  • A Scripture art print from Hope Ink: I’m loving all the gorgeous prints that are both inspirational and light up a room. I’ve got several in my home and have given them as gifts. (You’ll get a $15 store credit + a free print with the bundle!)
Above and beyond
  • An overnight get-away: Pastors wives often see their husbands less than church members do, and that can strain a marriage. If you have the funds, cover the expense of an overnight getaway and offer to watch the kids. You’ll get eternal rewards in heaven, I’m pretty sure.

Spa mom

  • Your Retreat: A Guide to Giving Yourself a Personal Planning Day
  • Color Me Inspired Volume 1 & 2
  • Bloom Naturals products: Give the gift of beautiful skin with additive-free, water-free, toxin-free natural skin care using only plant oils butters and extracts. I tried their SPOT treatment myself and it is the bomb! (15 Gift Certificate included in bundle!)
  • Hand Massage Routine from Melt: okay, so watch this video and then bless her socks off as you rub the day’s pains and aches away like a pro! (included in the bundle)
Above and beyond
  • Give her a day off to read the book and spend some time relaxing, coloring, and just enjoying herself

Hospitality (aka Martha Stewart) mom

  • The Homemaker’s Quiet Time Journal
  • The Housework Action Pack by HealthyMoving.com (eCourse)
  • Flirty aprons: She’s going to be wearing one anyway, so might as well make it cute and attractive, right?
Above and beyond
  • Crystal cake dome: She’ll impress her guests with style and think of you each time she bites into her secret-recipe chocolate cake

Blogging mom

  • Building a Framework: The Ultimate Blogging Handbook (and Binder)
  • A Work at Home Mom’s Ultimate Guide to Building a Business, Blog & Brand
  • Summer Sanity Savers for the Work-at-Home Mom
Above and Beyond
  • Keurig: She probably blogs in the fringe hours which means she’s up at all hours of the morning and night, trying to squeeze in some work. Help her get her daily caffeine boost and she’ll love you for it.

Career-oriented mom

  • Grace Goals by Arabah Joy
  • Healthy School Lunches Made Simple
  • Deliberate Mothering Podcasts by Power of Moms
  • InkWELL Press Planner: Help her keep her life organized and on-track with premium bullet journal planners, color-coded precisely to help women create order in different areas of their lives. (Get $15 store credit with the bundle.)
Above and Beyond
  • Grove Collaborative subscription: Who wants to shop for house cleaning supplies after a long day at work? Um, no one. Give her the gift of time, peace of mind, and a clean home with natural products at great prices, delivered right to her door. (And with the bundle, get an extra $30 in gifts too! FREE Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap, Mrs. Meyer’s Multi Surface Spray, Grove Collaborative Spray Bottle, and Grove Collaborative Walnut Scrubber Sponges)

Don’t miss the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle! As you can see, one bundle can easily cover the gift-giving needs for several moms and mom-friends in your life. Break it up and gift it away.

Or you can gift the entire bundle (and bonuses) and bless your mom, daughter, sister, grandma, friends, or any lady in your life. But hurry! The sale ends Monday, May 2 at midnight EST, and after that it’s gone forever.


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