10 minute routine that will change your life

The 10-Minute Routine that Will Change Your Life

“You look nice,” my husband said, across the dinner table.

I looked up, surprised. “Yeah?”

“Yeah,” he replied, more slowly this time, contemplatively. “I like what you did to your hair.”

I smiled, the color rushing to my cheeks, and looked back down at my grilled salmon and greens. I didn’t think he would notice.

I’m a low-maintenance girl when it comes to beauty routines. My morning routine typically consists of splashing water on my face, brushing my teeth, and rubbing on some moisturizer as I frantically pull clothes out of my closet, trying to find a matching outfit. If I’m lucky, I’ll throw on some mascara and lipstick as I wait at the stoplights on my short morning commute. My hair? It’s probably in a ponytail.

But that day, for the first time in over 25 years, I stared the monster in the face: I pulled out my round comb and hair dryer, set my timer for 10 minutes, and brushed with all the gusto I had in me.

It was my first time styling my hair.

Why had I waited so long?

I had several good reasons, and one bad reason:

  • I grew up a tomboy, and that careless attitude lives on in my approach to all things beauty & fashion. (Jeans and t-shirt? Yes, please! I’ll pass on the bracelet, purse, and heels.)
  • I’ve been blessed with thick, straight hair that looks acceptable even if it air dries on its own (which is why I’ve defaulted to this approach all my life).
  • I had tried to style my hair several times before, each time with disastrous consequences. (Let alone that those attempts were half-hearted and I had never actually sought guidance on how to do it well.) I just gave up.
  • I was convinced it would take too much time and effort. I accepted the fact that it was too large of a task for me to handle.
  • I didn’t want to do anything less-than-perfectly. If I couldn’t style my hair like a pro, then it just wasn’t worth the effort.
  • I had better things to do. I had friends who woke up 1 hour earlier every morning just to do their hair and makeup. I’ll take that extra hour of sleep, thank you very much.
10 minute routine that will change your life

Photo courtesy of Alex

I tried to tell myself that I was going for a “bohemian” look, but I had always felt a tinge of guilt for not looking more put-together. So when I realized I had an extra hour on my hands that Saturday afternoon and already had all the tools in my vanity, I figured I’d prove to myself that styling my hair isn’t worth the time and effort. I’d prove it’s just not for me, and then I can get over the guilt.

What I discovered was exactly the opposite: When I applied myself to the task of blow-drying my hair with a round brush and some product, I was successful in creating a stylized look, my tresses softly framing my face. I smiled in the mirror as I looked at myself, and I smiled that evening at the dinner table, too.

I had put it off my entire life. And that day it only took me 10 minutes.

I’m convinced we take the same approach to spiritual matters in our lives:

  • We don’t pray because we don’t know how.
  • We don’t write that note of encouragement to our pastors or our friends because we don’t have time.
  • We don’t memorize Scripture because we’ve tried it before and failed.
  • We don’t fast for our friend whose marriage is falling apart because “that’s just not us.”
  • We don’t share the gospel with our co-worker because we might not get it all right.
  • We don’t take a meal to our neighbor who just had a baby because that would be too weird.
  • We don’t study the Bible because we would rather sleep in.

But the reality is that 10 minutes can change your life. I’m not talking beauty tips here; I’m talking life-transformation with eternal consequences.

Friends, if we would just give Jesus our time and effort, He would honor that sacrifice and begin molding us into His own image.

Sometimes we don’t engage in spiritual exercises because we think we’re not up to the task (for all the reasons mentioned above).  But God does not expect perfection from us and He’s not rating our performance. Just like a mother is delighted in her daughter’s first attempts to dress herself, put on make up, or style her hair, even if she looks a mess, so God delights in our attempts to walk with Him, even if they don’t measure up to what we think a spiritual life should look like.

It only takes 10 minutes to pray over that friend, write your pastor, read your Bible, or walk over a mac & cheese casserole to your neighbor. And you’d be surprised by what delightful results you’ll see.

Give Jesus your all today. Answer His call on your life. Do what He is calling you to do today. And be blessed by 10 minutes that can make all the difference.


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