When You Feel Like Change Is Too Slow…

“He nibbled a hole in the cocoon, pushed his way out and… he was a beautiful butterfly!”

She shuts the book with satisfaction and reaches for the next in the pile, while I gingerly lay it aside.

What a beautiful transformation this very hungry caterpillar undergoes! I’m reminded that the word to indicate a caterpillar’s change to a butterfly–metanoia–is the same word used to describe how a sinner is transformed.

butterfly change

Except the hungry caterpillar only undergoes one change. And if I misunderstand the metaphor, I could be really discouraged because I still struggle with anger, pride, gluttony, and a list of sins.

I’m not yet a beautiful butterfly. I’m very much still in the transformation stage.

Because the life of a Christ-follower is not a quick fix–it is a continual transformation into the image of Jesus until, one day, we will be like Him.

Every day I must come back into the presence of Jesus and be changed by Him. I lay my life, warts and all, at His feet and ask His Spirit to pulse through me and transform me. I receive His forgiveness and His power to go out and live a new life. Every day.

So wherever you are in this process of Christian maturity, whatever your life looks like today–be encouraged. God is not done with you yet.

And one day we will put off these temporal bodies still tied to the flesh and be completely transformed into splendid creations, freed once and for all to live fully as He created us to be.

Until then, friend, live like the beautiful butterfly He created you to be.

I’m joining up with the #fmfparty community to write on change. You can see my other #fmfparty posts here.

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