When It Storms, Give Thanks (Scripture Art):: Abiding in Christ {Day 12}

Got rain clouds in your life right now?

We recently experienced an about-turn in our lives, as my father-in-law (who is visiting us from Romania) had a heart attack on Thursday. Flaviu and I have been providing support and translation almost round-the-clock, as he will be in the cardiac intensive care unit for the next week or so. Afterwards, he faces a long road to recovery, and we will be walking that road with him.

Just like that, in the span of a few hours, our cloudless skies covered over and rain poured down.

And with it, we received the grace to see the silver lining:

  • My mom was hanging out at my house and recognized the symptoms of a heart attack. I don’t know if I would have put two and two together on my own.
  • The ER staff attended to my father-in-law promptly and tenderly.
  • From the ambulance assistant to the attending nurse, almost every support person has been gracious with the language barrier and went above and beyond to make sure he was comfortable.
  • The hospital case worker was kind and compassionate when discussing finance options, considering medical insurance wasn’t part of the picture.
  • The heart attack didn’t cause damage to the heart but it did cause the medical staff to discover a blocked artery, a discovery which may very well have saved his life.
  • The hospital is affiliated with one of the best cardiac hospitals in the nation. He’s getting much better medical care here than he would have in Romania.
  • Of all the times for him to have medical issues, in an odd way, these few weeks were the best time for this to happen.
  • We’re surrounded by so many praying friends (including many of you, dear readers). We’ve never once felt alone on this journey.

So even when it storms, there are so many reasons to give thanks. And when I choose gratitude over grumpiness, my eyes are opened to see God’s grace all around me.

While I process by writing (and have been sharing some about our journey here), my husband processes by creating.

He’s made this lovely printable Scripture art to remind all of us to give thanks always and in all ways.



You can download this printable for FREE the week of October 12-18, 2014. (In case you’re wondering, the watermark doesn’t appear on the actual artwork.) After this week it will become part of our Scripture art collection available for purchase.

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And if you like this printable, would you share it with a friend? We’d love to spread the joy all around.

Day 12 Challenge: Reflect on the good, bad, and ugly in your life right now. Where do you see God’s grace? What does it look like? Begin to see life with eyes of grace.

Precious Lord, You are SO good, even in the storm. Open my eyes to see Your grace all around me. May I never lose the wonder of Your presence and Your good gifts. 

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