need prayer accountability

Need Prayer Accountability? Join Me on Periscope!

If you need prayer accountability, I have an idea that will help you!

For the past month, I’ve been testing Periscope, a new social media platform, asking the Lord to show me how to use it for His Kingdom purposes. And I’m so excited by what’s been developing.

Every weekday morning, I’ve been jumping on a live video stream from my little home and starting the day with prayer. At first, it was just me. But then a few more joined in, and then another few trickled in, and now we have a lovely community of women who get together to begin their day in prayer.

Knowing that they’re waiting for me motivates me to get out of bed and start praying, and having their phone buzz a #prayerscope reminder helps them become more consistent in their own prayer lives.

Imagine hundreds of women across the globe joining hearts in prayer through the internet. Jesus is there in our midst, and we’re using technology to advance the Kingdom of God. That’s a beautiful thing!

I invite you to be a part of this growing prayer community.

Join Me for a Daily #PrayerScope

For the month of January, I’ll be hosting a daily (Monday-Friday) prayer time at 7:15-7:30 am EST on Periscope. I’d love to have you join me in prayer. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Monday: Adoration. What has God done in your life? We start our week with adoration and worship.
  • Tuesday: Confession. Together, we turn our hearts to God in repentance and rest.
  • Wednesday: Thanksgiving. What are you thankful for? Let’s join together in a symphony of praise.
  • Thursday: Supplication. Have a prayer request? Share it with us and let’s pray for one another.
  • Friday: Fun Day. Let’s try out a fun and creative way to pray and worship God. Get new ideas to energize your prayer life!

It’s easy to get started. Just follow the directions below:

Get Started on Periscope

1. Download the FREE app either at the App Store or Google Play.

2. Sign up and choose your Periscope username.

3. Start following other friends on Periscope. You can start by following me (@asheritah), and depending on your interests, you’ll find many high-quality “scopers” to follow. Some of my favorite Christian living scopers are Kelly Balarie (@kellybalarie), MacKenzie Monroe (@BOLDturquoise), Cindy Bultema (@cindybultema), Crystal Paine (@moneysavingmom), Katie Reid (@katie_M_Reid), Jenn Long (@jennlong), and Nicki Koziarz (@nickikoziarz).

4. Watch and encourage other scopers. Click the TV icon at the bottom of the app to see who is live or has broadcast recently. Scopes disappear in 24 hours, but you can catch replays on Katch (find me at

5. Encourage scopers. Scoping is new and it’s a scary venture. So be an encourager in these three ways:

  • Tap the screen to give “hearts” when you like what they’re saying.
  • Comment with your thoughts, questions, or feedback.
  • Share the scope with your own followers or on Facebook or Twitter.
Do you need prayer accountability? Jump on Periscope and join me and a growing community of women who gather together every day to pray.