A Life that Overflows Like Paint

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Lisa Jo Baker FMF


Today’s prompt is paint.


I could tell the narrative of my life in paint stories.

Rolling coats on walls, slap-happy from fumes and sleepless nights, paint party with Skyview camp buddies while renovating a cabin.

Beautiful canvas stretched out, covered in rainbow of colors, the perfect base for these breathtaking words: “Asheritah, vrei sa fii sotia mea?” (lit. “do you want to be my wife?”)

Creating a happy place in my kitchen with sunflower yellow strokes, husband by my side, hoping for cheerful breakfasts and desserts to come.

Drawing back from touching the brush, afraid to mess up my baby’s nursery, wishing what was in my head could better show up on walls.

Tiny fingers dipped in paint, smudged on a birthday card, first blurry artistic endeavor for my cherub infant.

If I could paint my life, I’d probably pick up a roller, not a brush. Straight lines up and down, zig-zagging only to create a seamless coat. A predictable outcome.

Paint on a canvas? Or on fingers? Or dripped Polluck-style? That’s intimidating. I envy the artists of the world, and appreciate them all at the same time.

I find it hard to let go and just spill onto white what I hold inside.

But this I’m learning: We all have a treasure deep inside to share with the world, and sometimes it doesn’t fit in the confines of structure, definition, and neat lines.

Sometimes our lives will look less like a paint-by-number print and more like a vibrant explosion of masterful color, beautifully interwoven narrative through paint.

Friends, let us learn to let go of our predefined notion of what our finished canvases should look like.

Let us be carried by the Spirit in our daily lives, allowing Him to use us, to fill us, to overflow out of us, to create something so beautiful that anyone seeing it will step back and say, “A masterful Artist must have done this.”

Because Jesus promised us life not limited to tiny plastic snap-lid paint samplers but life abundantly… life that fills up to the brim and overflows onto the canvas with beauty in all of its authenticity.


Photo credit: paint