How Pursuing Your Dreams Can Change Others’ Lives

Last week I had the joy of interviewing the creators of Komae, a babysitting exchange app that takes the guilt and cost out of babysitting! I know it sounds like a dream-come-true, but what these ladies set out to do is nothing short of life-changing for women all over the world.

These two beautiful women combined forces to bring a real-life solution to moms in need. Their strengths complement each other and they’ve been working together to make fellow moms lives better through their app.

Komae is an app that gives you the tools you need to quickly and easily exchange babysitting services with friends you know and trust. Amy and Audrey explain it all in this video interview, and they also share how they pursued their passions while mothering little ones at home.

You can view the video by clicking on the image above or clicking right here. And I’m sorry about the shaky camera. I was at my mom’s house so she could watch my daughter while I did the interview–shout out to Mom!!–and forgot my tripod at home. But this is exactly why I could really use the Komae app in my own life! *smile*

Why I love this concept:work at home moms change the world

  1. Amy and Audrey are regular moms who worked together to pursue their passions. That’s so encouraging for those of us entrepeneur-moms who sometimes wonder if our dreams are unfit for this season in life.
  2. This app meets a real need in the lives of real moms. I don’t know about you, but I have a bazillion apps on my phone and lots of them sound good at the time but end up failing to deliver. Komae though is  something I could use in my life right now, and I can’t wait for it to release!
  3. Komae takes the guilt (and cost) out of asking for babysitting help. No more wondering who owes whom or if four hours watching a two-year-old is an equal favor to watching three kids ages one to six for an hour… Plus, the points system means no money exchange (which means money saved!).
  4. Plus, they’re Christians, and I love supporting other believers in pursuing God-sized dreams. We need more Christian women and men in the marketplace who create products and provide services from a Christ-centered worldview. This is being salt and light in a very real sense.

As you can tell, I’m a big fan of Komae and I can’t wait for it to come out! Right now it’s in crowd-funding stage on KickStarter and they’re hoping to release the beta version early 2016. So how can you help?

  • Support Komae on KickStarter at whatever level you can (they’re almost 50% there!)
  • Spread the word about Komae on your favorite social media sites so your friends can join in (use the buttons below to share this interview!)
  • Sign up to receive updates on Komae’s website so you know when the app’s ready to download

But what I took away from the interview isn’t just an excitement for the app to release (although there’s definitely that). My biggest take-away is that it takes a village… not just to raise a child, but also to make a dream come true.

As I pursue the God-sized dreams He’s laid on my heart, I need to look around and acknowledge everyone He’s brought into my village, those who pray, who help, who encourage, and who keep me accountable. What a beautiful picture of the Body of Christ!

So now I’d like to know: What God-sized dream are you pursuing? And who can you invite to join you along in the journey?