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Giveaway: NLT Illustrated Study Bible

Ever wished someone made a Bible with lots of colors and pictures, like a kids’ Bible, but for adults?

Well, they did. And it’s pretty amazing.

I received an NLT Illustrated Study Bible to review and I couldn’t stop gushing about it. Seriously. Here’s a video of me highlighting all the amazing features. I was pretty stoked. You can watch it HERE.

The NLT Illustrated Study Bible communicates foundational truths and complex information in an understandable, compelling way for today’s visual generation. With stunning photos, illustrations, infographics, and full color maps integrated seamlessly with background material, study notes, and theme articles, the Illustrated Study Bible empowers readers to draw closer to God by opening their eyes to Scripture’s living, powerful message.

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We’re giving away our review copy of the NLT Illustrated Study Bible. 

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NLT Illustrated Study Bible

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