For the Faithful Review and Coupon Code

Here on One Thing Alone, I want to encourage and equip you in your walk of faith. If you’ve been around for a while, you know that most of my posts are personal and practical, with a strong emphasis on Scripture. Sometimes though, I like to feature resources that I’ve personally enjoyed and I think you’ll benefit from as well.

Today is one of those posts, where I get to share a special find that I think you’ll really enjoy. And it gets bonus points for being faith-based.

The truth is I’m a terrible gift-buyer. I overthink every detail and put it off until the last minute hoping that a stroke of inspiration will hit me with the perfect gift idea. Alas, that is rarely the case. So when I discovered For the Faithful, I was intrigued and wanted to find out more, because it may just solve my conundrum!

For the Faithful is a subscription-based service that sends you a monthly box filled with faith-based goodies. Boxes contain custom-designed t-shirts, books, music, DVDs, items for the house or garden, or things for the kids. You never know what you’ll get, which is part of the surprise and the fun!

The wonderful folks at For the Faithful sent me a sample box so I can check it out, and Carissa and I got to unbox it together. We had SO MUCH FUN!! Even if you’re not particularly interested in the subscription box service, I still think you should watch the video because Carissa is so stickin’ cute! (She would make the perfect Vanna…. except not.)

My box contained personal beauty items that would be perfect for a pre-teen. I probably won’t use them myself, but I’m thinking of giving them to our neighbor’s two adolescent daughters–it’s the perfect Christmas gift. (And at $14/box, it’s a pretty good deal, too.)

Each box has a different theme, so if chapstick and headbands isn’t your thing, you may find something you like in another month’s box.


Being a minimalist, I wouldn’t know what to do with a box full of faith-based goodies every month… except give them away to others. Which is what I would probably do.

Gift-giving problem. Solved.

Also, For the Faithful donates a portion of proceeds to charities around the world like Compassion International, Samaritan’s Purse, and Campus Crusade for Christ. I love that you can both receive AND give with these subscription boxes!

Find more information on For the Faithful here. Plus, use my personal referral coupon code “1THINGALONE” (without quotation marks) to get $4 off your first box!15-June

Have you used For the Faithful or another subscription box service? What did you like about it?