The Introvert's Guide to Conferencing, Part 3

The Introvert’s Guide to Conferencing, Part 4

If you’ve been following along, this is Part 4 of our Introvert’s Guide to Conferencing Like a Superstar. Catch up on the series here, and read on for ways to maximize you conference experience after you get home.

Bonus: Follow Up to Step Up

Thank Conference Organizers

Organizing a conference is no small task. It takes A LOT of behind-the-scenes work to pull off a conference, and often the people who work the most get the least recognition.

Take the time to thank the people who made the conference possible. Email the conference director with one of your favorite highlights, and offer to write a testimonial for their website. Tweet conference sponsors a note of appreciation for making the conference affordable.

Write a Wrap-Up Post

Share what you learned at the conference with people who weren’t able to attend by writing a wrap-up post. Check to see if anyone’s hosting a conference link up (like Cindy Bultema did for Speak Up attendees this year), and join in the fun.

If you’re a social media ninja, you might even do this in real time, sharing bite-sized snippets with the conference hashtag. At Allume, this was actually the way I took notes, tweeting out quotes and action items with #allume, for both me to come back to and my blogger friends at home to enjoy as well. Then when I got home, I reviewed the hashtag stream and enjoyed my highlights and everyone else’s as well. (Tip: Live tweeting is a great way to connect with others and establish yourself as a reliable authority.)

Use those Business Cards

All those business cards you’ve collected? Now’s the time  to follow up.

Write a few lines to each person you’ve connected with, telling them how glad you are to have connected with them at the conference and that you’re looking forward to keeping in touch. Mention one specific connection point that you’ve noted on their card (see #8) in order to help them remember your conversation and reinforce the connection.

Then set a reminder on your calendar to follow up with everyone every quarter. These connections will help you grow as a professional and often become treasured friendship in real life.

Thank Your Home Team

If you’re a mom attending a conference, chances are it took a lot of people to make your trip possible.

While I was attending Speak Up, my husband held down the fort at home and maintained my blog, and my mother-in-law babysat my girls. So I made sure to tell each of them how much I appreciated their help.

If you can, pick up a trinket or treat from the conference location so your home team feels part of the experience. A little forethought goes a long way.

End with Prayer and Praise

In the days that follow the conference, you’ll hopefully have cleared your schedule for quiet time as you re-enter your home life.

Use this time to commune with God. Reflect on the conference happenings, thank Him for memorable moments, and praise Him for what He’s done.

At the end of the day, our purpose here on earth is to glorify God and enjoy His presence forever. As you process the conference, you’ll often recognize God’s fingerprints in places you hadn’t seen before. Thank Him for His faithfulness, and transition into your next steps surrounded by His presence.

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