Bible and Breakfast Challenge Day 28

Bible and Breakfast Challenge: Day 28

Happy Fri-day!!

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Today I’m thrilled to have Laura Dingman joining us as we feast on breakfast and God’s Word. And hey, her breakfast idea really is a feast. If you make it, would you post a picture using #bibleandbreakfast so I can see it to?

Besides having great breakfast ideas (and really, more importantly), Laura has a heart for God. She’s a fellow Moody writer, and you’ll absolutely love her authentic writing. Let’s dig in!

Fun Breakfast Idea

If you’re looking to mix-up your breakfast rotation, here’s an idea from our guest to fill you up.

Favorite breakfast recipe: Egg white scramble Sauté ½ cup grape tomatoes (halved) with 1 cup of packed fresh baby spinach in 2 tsp olive oil. You can add fresh, minced garlic if you like (1 clove). Add 3 egg whites (or you can use liquid egg whites, too) and scramble together. I love to add a little low fat feta or parmesan cheese to the mix (this is optional). Before serving, add some sliced avocado. Enjoy!

Snack on the Go

In a rush? The short devotional from our guest is a “spiritual snack” to keep you going until you find time to sit down and feast on Scripture.

Self-Control. Ugh. That’s a word that just makes me cringe. But God is teaching me the importance of it. Why it is so necessary. He’s also teaching me how wrong I’ve been about my understanding of it. This verse has been the key:

A person who lacks self-control is like a city whose walls are broken through.
—Proverbs 25:28

What God is teaching me is that self-control (which happens to be a fruit of the Spirit, not my own willpower and strength) protects me. In ancient cities, a fortified wall was the first line of defense for those living inside. When a city’s walls were broken down, the citizens within were exposed, unprotected. (See Nehemiah’s story (1:3) to see the important role a city wall played in ancient civilizations.)

Living without self-control leaves me unprotected. And I have an enemy who constantly seeks to take me out. When I allow the Holy Spirit to work within me and I partner with Him to grow this aspect of His character within me, I rebuild broken walls.

Where are your walls broken through because of a lack of self-control? How are you choosing self-control today? Are you choosing willpower (your own strength) or to partner with the Holy Spirit through self-control?

FEAST at the Table

If you have more time to linger at the breakfast table, open your Bible with me and let’s dig into God’s Word using the FEAST method. Instead of focusing on just one topic, I’ll be guiding you through a topical study on the word “self-control.” This is our chance to put into practice all the Bible study skills we’ve been learning all month. You can do this!

Focus on God: Begin by asking God’s Spirit to search your heart and reveal anything in your life that He wants to change as you study Scripture today.

Engage the text: Do a search on self-control in the Bible. (Here’s a list to get you started.) Pick one passage to focus on, and use the methods we’ve learned this month to engage the text. Write down observations using the 5 W’s + H. Look for patterns or diagram the passage. Ask yourself what this passage says about God and write down anything else that stands out to you.

Assess the main idea: Write down the subject, complement, and big idea of this passage. Then determine how applicable it is to your life.

Spark transformation: Ask the Holy Spirit to help you reflect on your own life. Where do you need His help to be more self-controlled? Write down an application that’s specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely, and then share it with a friend (or with us in the comments below) to keep you accountable!

Turn to God in worship: As Laura mentioned in the “snack” above, self-control is the fruit of the Spirit. Take time today to praise God for being all-powerful and for loving us enough to powerfully work in us.