5 Words Your Husband Needs to Hear Today

We say lots of words to our husbands every day, but are they the ones they need to hear?

5 Words Your Husband Needs to Hear

In the rush of everyday life, it’s easy to fill the space with chatter instead of meaningful connection. Here are 5 words to start speaking to your husband today:

1. Sure!

So many wives complain that their husbands won’t lead in their marriage, but it’s surprising how many times we undermine our husbands’ parking choices, restaurant picks, and fashion style. There’s a place for helping our husbands think through different aspects of an important decision, but what if we practiced saying “Sure!” more often than we said, “What about this instead?”

When we learn to affirm our husbands’ decisions in the small things, they may begin to lead in other areas too. The key here is to pick our battles, and let our husbands practice free choice when it’s really not a big deal. Chocolate cake for breakfast? Sure!

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