31 days to deeper bible study

Deeper Bible Study:: A 31-Day Series

Do you ever wish you knew HOW to read God’s Word and get something out of it?

Or maybe you’re familiar with the Bible and *yawn* it just doesn’t doesn’t excite you?

Whether you’re a lifetime church-goer or a new believer, I guarantee you’ll discover new riches in the Bible that will change. your. life. 

In the Deeper Bible Study series, you will…

  • discover afresh the power of God’s Word
  • gain confidence in interpreting and applying the Bible to your own life
  • avoid pitfalls common to Bible study
  • identify a Bible study method that suits your learning style (coloring pencils? yes, please!)
  • get answers to your Bible study questions
  • be inspired by how other women fit quiet time into their busy routines

We’ll spend about two weeks learning to engage the text, then look at how to interpret and apply what we’ve studied. We’ll close with other techniques and tools you can use to go even deeper once you’re comfortable with what we’ve already covered.

PLUS, there will be lots of fun giveaways, video interviews, and other fun things you won’t want to miss, so bookmark this page and share it with a friend!

Deeper Bible Study Series

Please note that each post represents a tool in your Bible study toolbox. Have fun trying out different “tools” and getting to know when each one comes in handy. The goal here is to grow in our knowledge and love for God, not to win a gold star. Take it easy, and enjoy the process.

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1. Why ALL Christians Should Study the Bible

2. How the 5 W’s Help You Study the Bible

3. 20 Inspiring Verses that Will Make You Want to Read Your Bible More

4. How to Make Time for Quiet Time (Video Interview AND Giveaway!)

5. How to Understand a Bible Passage

6. How to Remember What You Read In the Bible

7. How Patterns Reveal Deeper Meaning in Bible Study

8. 7 Easy Steps to Memorize Key Bible Verses (Even If You Have a Terrible Memory!)

9. How Diagramming Bible Verses Can Illuminate Scripture

10. Why Reading a Random Bible Verse Is a Bad Idea

11. How Prayer Can Revolutionize Your Bible Study

12. How to Doodle Your Bible Reading (And Why You’d Want To):: Video Interview & Coupon Code

13. How Your Bible Study Shapes Your Theology

14. How Bible Study Changes the Way We Live

15. The Power of Reading the Bible with a Buddy

16. Which Bible Characters Do You Identify With?

17. 7 Bible Gateway Tricks that Will Boost Your Bible Study

18. What to Do If You Fell Behind in Your Bible Study

19. 3 Questions to Correctly Interpret a Bible Text (Question 1, Question 2, and Question 3)

20. Does This Bible Passage Apply to Me? (And How Degrees of Separation Really DO Matter)

21. Why SMART Applications Will Change Your Life

Bonus: Which Bible Should I Use? (And a $50 Giveaway!)

You can go through the links at your own pace. I’m planning on putting all the content (plus the 10 days I didn’t get to post) into an eBook, so stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, join the free 6-week eCourse that will help you become more consistent in your quiet time. Sign up by clicking the banner at the bottom of this post.

Tools for Deeper Bible Study

I often get asked what tools you need to get started. It’s quite simple. All you need is a Bible, a notebook, and a pen. Here are my favorites (please note: affiliate links used below. Read our full disclosure here.)

The Bible I’ve been using for years is the NIV Study Bible. The version I use is actually out of print, but I’ve linked below its equivalent on Amazon.

You don’t have to use the NIV. In fact, sometimes I use the ESV Study Bible or other versions, depending on my end goal for that day’s study. If you’re unsure which Bible you should use, check out this post explaining the different versions of the Bible. It’s a really helpful guide that will help you pick out the right Bible for you. 

I take a lot of notes when I study the Bible, and I have a thing for pretty journals. For some reason, pretty journals make me more excited about opening them and writing in them. (Am I the only one?) I really like this monogrammed journal from Dayspring. They have lots of pretty options at different price points, so you’re sure to find something perfect for you.

monogrammed journal

But I’ve also used $0.99 composition notebooks and loose-leaf paper. Don’t let a journal get in the way of getting started. Start with whatever you have, and build your collection of pretty journals as you go. (They’re great to put on birthday and Christmas wish lists. *wink*)

My favorite pens are the Pilot Extra Fine Point Pens. They’re smooth and make writing my Bible study notes more enjoyable. I’ve used these for years and they’re still my go-to fave.

But, a note of caution: these will bleed through the pages of your Bible, so I only use them in my journal. For underlining verses in my Bible, I use either a regular ballpoint pen like this one (or the free ones they give me at the bank), or coloring pencils like the ones below.

And of course, this isn’t really mandatory for Bible study, but I like to sit down with a large mug of tea or mocha as I pour over the text. I have a monogrammed one I really like, but this one is on my wish list right now:


FREE 6-week eCourse: Quiet Time for Busy Women

This is a 6-week eCourse designed to fit your busy life and help you:

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  • grow deeper in your relationship with God in just 15 minutes a day
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  • discover joy, peace, and energy to fulfill your God-given calling
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  1. angela

    what a great thing to come across in Journal Bible Art Community on Facebook. I am returning to my Christian walk after wandering off path for a bit and this is a great start for the new year. Thank you so much

    1. Post

      Hi Judy! You can go through the links at your own pace. I’m planning on putting all the content (plus the 10 days I didn’t get to post) into an eBook that I’ll release summer of 2016, so stay tuned for that! Enjoy!

    1. Post

      Hi Janice! You can go through the links at your own pace. I’m planning on putting all the content (plus the 10 days I didn’t get to post) into an eBook that I’ll release summer of 2016, so stay tuned for that! Enjoy!

  2. Taylor

    Do we do the study through the links? I see links up to 21, so I didn’t know if we are supposed to sign up for emails? I’m excited to start, looks awesome!!

    1. Post

      Hi Tayler! I originaly started this series to be 31-days, but halfway through I had to take a break due to personal reasons. I finished the series with 21 days, and those are the links you see above. I’m planning on putting all the content (plus the 10 days I didn’t get to post) into an eBook that I’ll release summer of 2016, so stay tuned for that! But in the meantime, you can go through the links at your own pace. 🙂 Enjoy!

  3. Hannah

    I am a college student and am looking for ways to dig deeper into my Bible and get one-on-one with God. I did my research for my hectic schedule and found this site and I am anxious to get started!

  4. Taylor

    Anukrity, you just start with the first link and work your way down the list! I tried to do one link a day but ended up working a little slower than that 🙂
    Hope that helps!

  5. Caprice Hart

    Hello, I love doing things like this. I don’t have to do deep research. My question is will I be able to do all that is planned in your Bile course with just my iPad. ???? Thank you. I’ll wait to hear from you. And God Bless.

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